Journalist or biologist

– Why are you a journalist?

– Because a friend of mine convinced me to study Journalism. I wanted to be a biologist. She told me I had to follow my father’s steps, forget biology and go with her to the school of Journalism

– Then Grandpa was sure proud of you.

– In fact he was very disappointed when I told him.

– Why?

– He knew how hard the life of an honest journalist is and he knew about my love for animals and biology.

–  What did he tell you?

– He told me to think seriously about it but he told me also he would respect my choice.

– And you decided journalism.

– I did, and now I wonder if it was a mistake.

– Why?

– My dad knew me better than my friend. He knew what was better for me. I thought my friend and I were starting an exciting adventure and that was all that mattered. But he knew that being a journalist I would suffer a lot in my life and he wanted to protect me from that.

Daily Prompt: Childlike.

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