Are you good at what you do? What would you like to be better at.

I was good at work as a journalist. At least they told me so. But I’m not a confident person. I’ve never been. I’m always in doubts. Maybe I’m a perfectionist and because of that I’m never satisfied with what I’m doing. I know my limitations.

Right now I would like to have a better English to improve my blogging. I also would like to have more imagination and better inspiration to write interesting posts. I’m too glued to the harsh reality seen from a depressing point of view.

My father, who was a journalist and a writer, already told me when I was young that too much time reporting can kill your creative style. Maybe this is what happened to me. I would like to be more creative and write fiction and poems.

When I try fiction I have always a great time. A lot of fun. It helps me forget my problems for a while. But it takes me a lot of time and the result is frustrating and I usually don’t share. I need ideas and inspiration. I’m usually blocked when I’m writing about something that’s not real and immediate.

I would like to be better at a lot of things, of course, but I just picked one for this post.

Daily Prompt: I Have Confidence in Me.
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